Royal claimed the bragging rights – but only just!

The idea of an annual match with Royal came about when it was announced that they would host the men’s and ladies SA Amateurs on both courses over one week. Denis Hutchinson loved the idea, so I ... See more
A zone that’s more important than your driver’s hitting zone.

Sunday, 23rd February – 4-Ball Alliance 1 To Count

1st A. Venter, W. Buekes, E. Venter and J. Brand 52
2nd A. Du Preez, E. Van Eeden, A. Barlow and C. Morris 51
3rd D. Botha, R. Botha, J. Herselman, E. Herselman 51
4th S. Ramje, R. ...
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Saturday, 22nd February – BBS

1st J. Du Randt and D. Van Wyk 49
2nd H. Theron and M. Theron 46
3rd N. Westraad and C. Basson 45
4th F. Groenewald (Frans) and F. Groenewald (Franco) 44
5th D. Moltono and A. ...
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