We are committed to creating fun and enjoyment for your kids in the “real world”

July is Junior Golf Month!

If you are looking for ways for your kids to have fun and enjoyment in the “real” world, read the article below in the newsletter and then consider enrolling your ...
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How does a 2mm change in a Driver CG change 5 to 8?

Results: Sun, 14th July - 4 Ball Alliance 2 to Count

1st - 95
W Basson
L Brown
M Brown
M Makhetha

2nd - 90
S Ramjee
Z Rabaney
V Singh
R Shabe

3rd - 90
G Brown
P Cabhaert
C ...
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Results: Saturday, 13th - 4 Ball Alliance 2 scores to count

1st - 96
P. Jayakody
P. Molapo
D. Naidoo

2nd - 96
G. Van Der Berg
V. Spencer
H. De Goede
J. Van Schalkwyk

3rd - 95
N. Groenewald
M. ...
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