Both support greenside wizardry

There’s more friction on your Wedges (18% more with 2nd generation SpinSkin™) and both are very soft to the feel off all clubs (cover softness has been increased by 21%).

Both are very stable and aerodynamic

A more uniform dimple design and more surface coverage means less drag. That means less wind-resistance, and a ball flight that stays the course against the wind.
It also means a longer carry. 

The cores are both designed to maximize spin on shorter shots and lower spin on the longer shots and to have slightly differing trajectories. 

Don’t waste time on doubts, talk to us

If you’ve any doubts about the golf ball you think you should be playing, come and see us. We’ll be able to help you narrow down your choices and then find a golf ball that fits your swing and preferences. A golf ball makes a difference to your game. More than many golfers realize. Our job is to make sure you’re having the most fun and enjoyment. So don’t hesitate to talk to us.